07 April 2019 – The Centenary Circle 21

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MESSERS SANDFORD, STONEMAN & LADY COLLINS from the Company of Runners cordially invite you to join us for a circumnavigation of the noted Essex town of Chelmsford in the inaugural running of the Centenary Circle 21.

Your challenge should you choose to accept it, is to self navigate on a 21-mile trail course following the path of the Centenary Circle which is a circular footpath created to mark the 100 years from 1888 when Chelmsford was awarded the status as a Borough under the Municipal Corporations Act.

This is a mass start event starting at 9am in the morning.

It will suit runners who have completed a half marathon or greater distance, and who are comfortable at following navigation instructions, GPS files or by reading maps.


DATE: Saturday April 7th
START: 9am
PRICE: £25 (Affiliated) £27 (Unaffiliated)
CUT-OFF: 7 Hours
LOCATION: The start of this event is at the Horse and Groom Pub, Horse and Groom Lane, Galleywood, Chelmsford CM2 8PL

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