08 September 2018 – The Chappel Ale Trail

MESSERS SANDFORD, STONEMAN & LADY COLLINS, cordially invite you to strap on your drinking trousers and tie off your trail shoes to compete in a splendiferous scramble around the wonderful wilds of Wakes Colne. We start you with the thrills of trail running, and then finish you with the spills of a beer festival!

Your challenge should you choose to accept it, is to self navigate on a five-mile trail course in the Essex countryside around Chappel and Wakes Colne in association with the 32nd Chappel Beer Festival.

This is a timed event with a start window between 10 and 11am. Competitors may start at any time within this window and will be required to return with souvenirs acquired at certain stages on the course to prove completion.

Finishers receive free entry into the beer festival and a complimentary beer glass.

All abilities welcome particularly those new to trail running.


DATE: Saturday September 8th
LOCATION: The start of this event is at the Chappel & Wakes Colne Station, Wakes Colne, Colchester CO6 2DS

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  • Tracey // // Reply

    I like the look of this. But am scared by “self-navigate”. I get lost very easily

    • companyofrunners // // Reply

      Tracey, apologies if someone has already replied to this…but I can’t see any reply on the website…. It’s Lorraine here (former parkrun core team?! remember me?!) We get lots of people new to trail running on our CofR races. It’s only meant to be a bit of fun and not taken seriously. We give you written directions…written in laymans terms (ie not too technically worded) Often people find that if they run with friends they find it easier to get round the course by working together (two minds and all that). Hope we see you on one of our races soon. Lorraine from CofR

  • Lorraine // // Reply

    We have booked to do this trail and are also camping at the festival,do we just rock up between 10 and 11 and do the run ?

    • companyofrunners // // Reply

      Hi, Great to have you on board. You’ll get an email from us a day or so before, but essentially yes, just rock up between 10am-11am. We’ll be holding registration in the Thompson Building which is within the festival grounds. We’ll give you written directions to follow, start your time and then off you’ll go. See you on Saturday, regards, Lorraine from CofR

  • Lorraine Liles // // Reply

    Hi really enjoyed the trail run even though I thought it was 5 k!!! Lol.Just wondered where the photos are posted that were taken on the day ?

    • companyofrunners // // Reply

      Pleased we’re getting so much positive feedback about the Ale Trail 🙂 There are lots of photos on our facebook page. Hope to see you again soon

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