02 November 2018 – Friday Fright Night


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MESSERS SANDFORD, STONEMAN & LADY COLLINS of the Company of Runners have dreadful delight to invite you to a Friday night of frights on the Flitch Way.

Well before witching hour an assembly of ghouls, goblins, ghosts, monsters and vampires will await your passage as you travel under a combination of moonlight and headtorch light from Rayne Station to Bannister Green Halt and back. About five frightful miles.

This is a timed event with a start window between 6 and 7pm. Competitors may start at any time within this window and will be required to return with a souvenir acquired at the turnaround to prove completion.

All abilities welcome particularly those new to trail running.

Headtorches and an iron nerve are both mandatory!


DATE: Friday November 2nd
LOCATION: The start of this event is at the Rayne Scout Hall, Station Road, Rayne, Braintree CM77 6RX

Hi everyone,

Here are your final instructions for the Friday Fright Night coming up this Friday November 2nd. We are looking forward to seeing all of you.

Please take the time to read all of these notes – particularly with regard to parking on the night.

Some important points:

  1. Parking

This is extremely limited at Rayne Station.

The streets around Rayne village are primarily residential so please park incredibly considerately. Do not block any driveways. The best street for free, on-road parking is New Road which runs alongside the Flitch Way by the railway station.

Where possible, please try and car share.

The nearest significant car parks are at Rayne Village Hall, The Swan pub or at the Great Notley Discovery Centre. This is about a 10-minute walk away. From here you can walk through the back of the park, past the bird hill and up and over the A120 road bridge, turn left along the path that leads to Fairy Hall Lane and then across the road and onto the Flitch Way. Please note there is a charge to use the Discovery Centre car park and it closes at 9pm. It will also be very dark walking to Rayne Station and potentially muddy.

  1. Course Conditions. Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page or the website for any last-minute changes, but we are expecting the course to be pretty dry, and it’s reasonably flat, so road shoes should be fine, of course it is a trail so you can wear trail shoes. It’s one of those that’s probably down to what’s your preference.
  2. Registration on Friday November 2nd

Race Registration will take place from 5.30pm at the Rayne Scout Hall, Station Road, Rayne, Braintree CM77 6RX, with the race starting window opening at 6pm and closing at 7pm.

There is no mass start, competitors may leave at any time during this window, they just need to tell us when they are leaving, and we will start their timer, then tell us when they return. There are a lot of you! So please help us with your registration by noting your bib number from the list at the bottom of these notes.

  1. The Route

The route is approximately five miles in total out to Bannister Green Halt and back. It will be dark, so bring a headtorch if you have one. It might be a bit cold, so dress appropriately. There will be over one hundred runners on the course, so please take care, be careful and be considerate to other trail users. This is NOT the event to be searching for a PB!

Oh, and watch out for the ghosts, ghouls, demons, witches, warlocks, sprites, imps and generally unpleasant entities who have volunteered their time to give you a fright on a Friday night.

Finally, thanks again for your interest in this race.

Richard, Lorraine & John

Company of Runners

1 Adams, Cliff
2 Adams, Emily
3 Adams, Paul
4 Allan, Helen
5 Anderson, Lee
6 Austin, Emma
7 Austin, Muriel
8 Avenell, Tracy
9 Aylett, Chris
10 Barltrop, Debbie
11 Barltrop, Mark
12 Battell, Zoey
13 Beard, Lydia
14 Blethyn, Peter
15 Bower, Charlotte
16 Bracebridge, Sam
17 Burke, Katherine
18 Calver, Kelly
19 Cameron, Caroliena
20 Caulfield, Rob
21 Cervantes, Maria
22 Chandler, Chris
23 Chaney, Will
24 Clarke, Penelope
25 Clifton, Tim
26 Coe, Vikki
27 Connah, Mark
28 Conway, James
29 Cook, Hannah
30 Cotton, Martin
31 Cotton, Sammy
32 Cowlin, Ruth
33 Crawte, Sue
34 Creak, Sandra
35 Cross, Liam
36 Davis, Claire
37 Denwood, Sally
38 Di Paola, Zoe
39 Dodsworth, Lauretta
40 Dowell, Melissa
41 Edney, Michelle
42 Edwards, Gary
43 Edwards, Michelle
44 Edwards, Nic
45 Eldred, Jo
46 Elkins, Vicky
47 Fifield, Cathryn
48 Flutter, Richard
49 Gibson, Kate
50 Greensides, Mark
51 Harvey, Vanessa
52 Hawkins, Lynsey
53 Hawkins, Simon
54 Holland, John
55 Hollinshead, Megan
56 Holohan, Lee
57 Holt, Chris
58 Holt, Georgia
59 Hughes, Stephanie
60 Humm, Joby
61 Humm, Mandy
62 James, Lynwen
63 Jeffries, Phil
64 Johns, Paula
65 Jordan, Shukila
66 Joslin, Lisa
67 Kelly, Aidan
68 Kelly, Jackie
69 Kisala, Karl
70 Lashmar, Mark
71 Leaney, Jim
72 Lewis, Fraser
73 Lock, Maxine
74 Long, Melissa
75 Maka, Karen
76 Maloy, Sandy
77 May, Charlotte
78 McGovern, Gerry
79 Mchugh, Chanelle
80 Miller, Ben
81 Mitchell, Craig
82 Moorcroft, Katie
83 Morse, Teresa
84 Ogburn, Mel
85 Olley, Martin
86 Owen, Cat
87 Palmer, Stacey
88 Pascoe, Darren
89 Pereira, Emily
90 Pereira, Toby
91 Pison, Sandy
92 Porch Du Boulay, Jessica
93 Possee, Vicki
94 Prowse, Lee
95 Rice, James
96 Rice, Natasha
97 Roberts, Steve
98 Rodgers, Rachel
99 Roughan, Dan
100 Roughan, Rachael
101 Roxby-Clarke, Sarah
102 Rush, Louise
103 Sambridge, Richard
104 Searle, Chris
105 Shah, Ashwin
106 Singleton, Gemma
107 Smith, Gemma
108 Smith, Nicole
109 Smith, Rebecca
110 Smyth, Claire
111 Smythe, Bill
112 Smythe, Jo
113 Sugrue, Elaine
114 Sutton, Louise
115 Swan, Meryll
116 Taylor, Susan
117 Thorn, Andrew
118 Thurlow, Helen
119 Wareham, Dave
120 Wareham, Kelly
121 Warne, John
122 Webb, Jacquie
123 Wilkey, Jody
124 Williams, Amanda
125 Williams, Ryan
126 Yates, Louise
127 Young, Anna
128 Youngs, Rosie



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