02 March 2019 – The Chilly Chappel Chase

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MESSERS SANDFORD, STONEMAN & LADY COLLINS, from Company of Runners Ltd, cordially invite you to strap on your drinking trousers and tie off your trail shoes to compete in a splendiferous scramble around the wonderful wilds of Wakes Colne. We start you with the thrills of trail running, and then finish you with the spills of a beer festival!

Your challenge should you choose to accept it, is to self navigate on a five-mile trail course in the Essex countryside around Chappel and Wakes Colne in association with the Chappel Winter Beer Festival.

This is a timed event with a start window between 10 and 11am. Competitors may start at any time within this window. Finishers receive free entry into the beer festival and a complimentary beer glass. Beer purchases still apply.

All abilities welcome particularly those new to trail running. Please be warned it is notoriously cold on this weekend. Showers and toilets are available for use after the race-so you can change and enjoy the beer festival. But bring warm clothes for after. Note: the beer festival is smaller scale than the summer one and mostly indoors.

Please note that there are no checkpoints on the route, just the start and finish at the beer festival. There will be no entries available on the day, This event is held under UK athletics rules thus runners are not permitted to run with dogs. A TRA permit has been applied for.


DATE: Saturday 2nd March 2019
LOCATION: The start of this event is at the Chappel & Wakes Colne Station, Wakes Colne, Colchester CO6 2DS

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