22 Jul 18 – Prince Louis The Seven

MESSERS SANDFORD & STONEMAN (oh, … and Lorraine) cordially invite you to race with royal regality in a seven-mile self navigation spectacular.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, will be to follow directions on an exceptional trail of footpath, bridleway and field in the spectacular Essex countryside around the village of Great Notley.

Whether the heir or the spare, competitors will need to be well protected from both solar rays and treacherous quicksand on this course fit for a king.

This is a timed event with a start window between 9 and 10am. Competitors may start at any time within this window and will be required to return to the race headquarters at their greatest haste, with souvenirs acquired at different stages of the course to prove one’s completion.

On crossing the finish, our good friends at the McMullen’s pub, the Prince Louis will be rewarding competitors with royal refreshments of the bap variety.


DATE: Sunday July 22nd
START WINDOW: 9am-10am
LOCATION: The start of this event is at the Prince Louis pub, Notley Green, Great Notley.

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