28 Apr 18 – Roger One Mile Time Trials

CONGRATULATIONS to all competitors in the inaugural Roger One Mile Time Trial. Thanks to all of the volunteers and spectators for braving the slightly soggy conditions for what turned out to be an outstanding exhibition of athletic achievement – with ALL runners posting sub 10-minute miles.

Special mentions in dispatches to our heat winners (Innes Fullerton, Kerry Harrington, Stanley Lewin, Oscar Graham-Pereira, Jack Stiff and Harry Stiff) – and congratulations to Innes for his spectacular sub five-minute mile and his flowing mane of hair.

The full results are below, and there is an album with photos from the event on our Facebook page, but don’t forget that if you enjoyed this Company of Runners event, then you should sign on to our next trail race The Chicken Run which takes place on June 10. A little bit of cross country action for your delectation.


Heat Athlete Time Ht Position Overall Position
1 Innes Fullerton 4:57:84 1 1
1 Giles Sowerby 5:31:88 2 2
1 Toby Pereira 5:32:61 3 3
1 Steven Read 5:38:38 4 4
1 Ashwin Shah 5:43:26 5 5
2 Kerry Harrington 6:10:27 1 6
2 Stanley Lewin 6:10:27 1 6
2 John Stoneman 6:14:44 3 8
3 Oscar Graham-Pereira 6:24:53 1 9
3 Lee Prowse 6:31:80 2 10
2 Letitia Root 6:35:36 4 11
2 Cliff Manning 6:36:44 5 12
3 Abigail Rayner 6:41:93 3 13
3 Richard Sandford 6:45:27 4 14
4 Jack Stiff 6:50:34 1 15
4 Oliver Pereira 6:58:46 2 16
3 Lorraine Collins 7:23:30 5 17
4 Jeff Higgerson 7:23:93 3 18
4 Ruth Cowlin 7:26:32 4 19
5 Harry Stiff 7:43:31 1 20
4 Paula Evans 7:51:92 5 21
5 Craig Vernon 7:59:39 2 22
5 Jayne Vernon 8:01:58 3 23
5 Charlie Roberts 8:18:82 4 24
5 George Graham-Pereira 8:33:84 5 25
5 Emily Pereira 8:34:32 6 26
4 Chris Aylmer 9:09:88 6 27
5 Steve Roberts 9:46:62 7 28


RESCHEDULED DATE: A new date has been agreed for the Roger One Mile Time Trial. If anyone who has signed on has a problem with this date, please contact us by email to discuss what we can do.

MESSERS SANDFORD & STONEMAN, of the noted Company of Runners Ltd, cordially cajole your competition in a series of one mile time trials around the track at Braintree Sports Centre – to honour the legend of the great Sir Roger Bannister.

Runners will be grouped into heats based on your expected time to help foster that competitive spirit.  The races are open to runners from 8-years-old upwards and of all abilities as long as you can complete four running laps of the track.

Race entry costs just £3 with all of the proceeds after expenses going to the Braintree Area Food Bank charity. And we’d like to thank our friends at Fusion who have donated the track time at no cost – which will really help us raise as much money as possible.

There will be up to eight people on the track in each heat, but really you will be running against Sir Roger and the clock.

Entries will only be available on the day if the event is not full, so register now to avoid disappointment.


DATE: Saturday April 28th
START TIME: 2pm-4pm
FIELD LIMIT: 64 runners
LOCATION: The start of this event is at the athletics track at Braintree Sports Centre, Panfield Lane, Braintree, CM7 1FF – free parking is available.


Please ensure that you arrive at the track and register for your heat at least 15 minutes before your heat start time.

Heat 1:
Start Time (approx): 14:15
Participants: Giles Sowerby, Toby Pereira, Innes Fullerton, James Chalklen, Steven Read, Ashwin Shah

Heat 2:
Start Time: 14:30
Participants: Kerry Harrington, Cliff Manning, John Stoneman, Letitia Root, Kate Dale, Stanley Lewin

Heat 3:
Start Time: 14:45
Participants: Lee Prowse, Richard Sandford, Oscar Graham-Pereira, Lorraine Collins, Abigail Rayner, Paul Dale

Heat 4:
Start Time: 15:00
Participants: Paula Evans, Jack Stiff, Jeff Higgerson, Jennie Bell, Oliver Pereira, Ruth Cowlin, Chris Aylmer

Heat 5:
Start Time: 15:15
Participants: Harry Stiff, Emily Pereira, George Graham-Pereira, Craig Vernon, Jayne Vernon, Steve Roberts, Charlie Roberts

It’s not too late to enter! Either sign up using the button below, or come along on the day and we will slot you in to an appropriate heat on receiving your £3 entry fee.

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  • Jayne vernon // // Reply

    Fantastic event.
    Well organise with spot on timings .
    Can’t wait to come back for heat 2.
    Thank you

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